Competition Rules and Regulations

Competiton Rules and Regulations

Compitition Divisions Age   8 Divisions by Age


(1) 5 and under, (2) DRAGONS 6-7 years, (3) TIGER 8-9 years, (4)  YOUTH 

10-11 years, (5) CADET 12-14, (6) JUNIOR 15-17, (7) SENIOR 18-32 , 

(8) ULTRA 33+ 

Competition Division Rank

(White & Yellow & Orange), (Green & Blue & Purple), (Red and Brown), (Black Belts)

 Belt   Rank Compulsory   Poomsae

 White,   Yellow, or Orange ............Taeguek   1 or 2 or 3

 Green,   or Purple .............................Taeguek   2 or3 or 4

 Blue .......................................................Taeguek   4 or 5 or 6

 Red or   Brown ..................................Taeguek   6 or7 or 8



World Class Sparring: Black Belts. Ages 8&9, 10&11, 12 to 14, 15 to17, 18 & over. We will use Daedo Electronic Scoring System. Competitors must provide their own Gen 2 socks.

Grassroots Black Belt Divisions DO NOT need Gen 2 socks. Two Black Belt sparring categories are offered at this event. Those who want to compete in World Class (electronic scoring with Gen 2 socks) and Grassroots Black Belt sparring (electronic scoring without socks). Divisions will be separated at the event.

Sparring Rounds:  Adult Black Belts  1 min 30 seconds, 2 rounds.   All other divisions: 1 min, 2 rounds (30 sec rest) Point Rules:  Modified WTF Rules. with USAT Jr. Safety Rules

Legal Scoring Area:  

Body, red or blue colored area of body protector.

Head. Area above the collar bone


The valid points are as follows:

One (1) point for a valid punch to trunk protector

Two (2) points for a valid kick to the trunk protector

Four (4) points for a valid turning kick to the trunk protector

Three (3) points for a valid kick to the head

Five (5) points for a valid turning kick to the head

One(1) point awarded for every Gam-jeom given to the opposing contestant

Unlike adult rules, turning kicks to the head will not be awarded an extra point in divisions competing under Junior Safety Rules. Match score shall be the sum of points of the two rounds. In the event of a tie, competitors spar one more round and whoever gets the first point wins. (Golden Point Round). If nobody scored during the 

"Golden Point Round", it will be referee/judge's decision.

Breaking: White/Yellow Belts 5 boards, Green/Blue Belts 7 boards, and Red/Black belts 10 boards. Boards must be purchased at tournament ($2 each). Score will be determined by break, and difficulty of technique.


1.  Total of 4 point deduction (8 warnings)

2.  Competitor or coach intentionally disobeys the referee, the completion rules, or displays unsportsmanlike conduct.

3.  Does not show up in time for the match.

4.  Heavy contact to the head with the hand or foot that results in an injury, or injuring any opponents and rendering him or her unable to continue. (Junior Safety Rules)

5.  Foul (Profanity) language by coach or player, verbal abuse

No Contact to head for 11 years and under, for all belts. Light head contact for Black Belts 8 to 17 and color belts 15-17, sides only without causing abrasion or bleeding.  


No Head Contact divisions: • Ages 7 & Under (All Belts), • Ages 8–11 (Color Belts)

Light Head Contact divisions:

• Ages 8–11 Black Belts

• Ages 12–14 (Cadet) Grass Roots Black Belts and Color Belts

• Ages 15–17 (Junior) Color Belts

Required Equipment: Head Protector, Arm Pad, Shin & Instep Pad, Chest & Groin Protector,  Mouth Guard, Uniform is Mandatory. (must be provided by competitor)

Sparring Rounds: Adult Black Belt – 1 Minute 30 Seconds. 2 Rounds (30 sec rest)

All Other Divisions – 1 Minute 2 Rounds (30 sec rest)

Individual and Pairs Poomsae 

Poomsae competitors must perform only the Poomsae designated for their specific rank. Scores will be based on: Proper order, beauty, grace, rhythm, accuracy, power, technique, and attitude. Authorized Poomsae are those approved by the Kukkiwon & WTF. Taegeuk 1 - 8, and black belt Poomsae: Koryo, Keumgang, Taebaek etc. 

Authorized (World Taekwondo) Poomsae Rules

Authorized Poomsae refers to Poomsae formulated by the Kukkiwon 

Method of competition: Cut - off system 

Contest time: More than 30 seconds and less than 90 seconds 

Attire: Approved Dobok (Taekwondo uniform), Open dobok accepted. 

Members of contest: Individual: 1 person, Pair/Team: 2 - 4 

Divisions by age and/or gender 

Group competitors comprises of men and women, may be of mixed gender. Groups must adhere to age divisions. 

Scoring Criteria for Authorized Poomsae

Scoring Parts         Accuracy (4 points total)                       

Details                       Accuracy of technique                           2.0

Score                          Accuracy of direction                              2.0

Performance (6 points total) 

                                        Speed and Power             2.0                                    

                                        Rhythm                                  2.0

                                        Intensity                                2.0

Accuracy and Performance score added together is the total score.  Perfect is 10.

Creative (Open) Poomsae and Team Rules

Creative Poomsae is newly created Poomsae using various taekwondo techniques. This division also includes Forms from other recognized organizations, i.e. American Taekwondo Association, I.T.F. or Tang Soo.

  • Method of competition: Cut - off      system 
  • Contest time: More than 60 seconds and less than 120 seconds 
  • Attire: Approved Dobok (Taekwondo uniform), open dobok accepted 
  • Members of contest: Group: 1 to 5  people 
  • Divisions by age and gender 
  • Group competitors comprises of men ,women and mixed gender (men/women)      and proportion of males and females is not specified. Groups may consist      of competitors from any age division. 

Scoring Criteria for Creative Poomsae

Scoring Parts:Accuracy (2 points), Performance (6 moints), Synchronization (2 points)

Details Accuracy of technique  2.0


 Performance (6 points total) 

                 Speed and Power              2.0

                 Rhythm                                   2.0

                 Intensity                                 2.0

          Team Synchronization          2.0

Total score for Accuracy, Performance and Synchronization.  Perfect score is 10.

Demo Team Rules

  • Method of competition: Cut - off system 
  • Contest time: More than 5 minutes, Less than 7
  • No more than 10 members on the team. 
  • Attire: Approved Dobok, creative team uniform accepted.
  • Same scoring criteria as Creative Poomsae
  • Team must bring their own music source. 
  • 5 foot Grand Champion trophy awarded to first place, 3 foot to second and third place winners.

Only one trophy will be awarded to the winning teams. No individual trophies will be awarded.

Board Breaking Rules

Board breaking techniques are as shown on the breaking chart. Breaking techniques must consist of minimum of three stations. The first station must be a hand technique with rest of the stations must be foot techniques. 

Breaking Board Size

1. Demo boards sized 8.85 x 11.73 x 1/4 are to be used for divisions age 6-16. 

2. Boards sized 8.85 x 11.73 x 1/2" will be used for divisions age 16 and up.

Boards must be purchased at the tournament to ensure consistency and fairness.

Cost per board is $2 each .

  • There is a minimum of 1 board and a maximum of 10 boards for hand breaks. Spacers are required for all hand breaks over 1 board. All boards must be taped with spacers prior to competition. 
  • Hand breaks must be performed with a breaking stand 
  • There is a minimum of 1 board and a maximum of 6 boards for foot breaks. Spacers are not allowed for footbreaks. 
  • Board holders for foot breaks must be provided by the contestant. 
  • Each competitor will be allowed two (2) minutes to set up and complete his/her routine 
  • Competitors will only be allowed one (1) attempt per station. (After an unsuccessful 1st attempt you must  move on to the next station immediately) 
  • 2 points will be deducted for each      unsuccessful break